Company Background

In 1938, Leung Woon Man expanded the shop in Hong Kong and continued to operate the ancestral business.  In 1950, we assisted World Funeral Parlour in Wan Chai and Quarry Bay in the management of its shroud shop.  We set up the shroud shop in Hung Hom World Funeral Parlour and Hong Kong Funeral Parlour.  We further assisted the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in the establishment of the International Funeral Parlour and Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour.   In the 1970s, we became the major supplier of shrouds and funeral accessories for the two Funeral Parlour.

In the early 1980, the 5th generation of successors began to reform the ancestral industry, and in the 1990s, the shop started to computerise its operation.  In recent years, the tradition has been changed, shrouds have combined the characteristics of old traditional gowns to modern suit and cheong sam.

Mr. Leung Woon Man worked in the shop in the 1950s.

Professional Team - At Your Service

Board of Directors of Leung Chun Woon Kee are graduates from Universities in Hong Kong.  They have ample experience in various professions to provide professional advise to customer in different subjects.

Leung Suk Chong, Annie specialises in will drafting and probate applications.

After graduation from high school, Annie started to help in administration work at the Hollywood Road head office.  She is the secretary and director of the company.  Annie graduated from the University of Hong Kong and obtained a Master of Laws degree from the University of London.  She is currently a practicing lawyer in Hong Kong, a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, an accredited mediator (general and family mediation), and a reverse mortgage counselor.  She served as a director of Pok Oi Hospital in 2000.  She is currently chairperson of the Women’s Welfare Club(Eastern District) Hong Kong.  In 2016, she was awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Department of Home Affairs to command for her outstanding contribution to Women’s affairs.

Dr. Leung Ka Kui, Carl is the world’s first Chinese dental forensic expert with professional knowledge in death investigation and paternity testing.

Carl graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor and master degree in dentistry, as well as a degree in forensic and forensic science in dentistry from Australia and the United Kingdom.  He was also awarded an Honorary Fellow of Forensic Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.  He is the world’s first Chinese dental forensic expert.  He served as a director of the company and assists in the internationalisation of the company.  Carl is currently a dental forensic consultant in Hong Kong, providing professional medical advice to the police and legal cases.  He is also  a member f the Standing Committee of the Chinese Forensic Society, a forensic consultant of the International Red Cross, a consultant of the University of London Forensic Centre, and a  member of the Interpol Forensic Team.  He also has extensive experience in medical administration and is currently a member of the Public Hospitals and Clinics under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

Carl is enthusiastic in participating in public service and social charity activities.   He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Heart and Chest Disease Association.  Carl is also an assistant commander of the Support section of the Auxiliary Medical Service and a  member of the  Hong Kong Drug Abuse Association.

Leung Ka Keung, Kenneth inherited the business from his father and made further enhancement to the business.  He has strengthened the management and further developed the business to overseas.

Mr. Leung is the managing director of Leung Chun Woon Kee Company Limited and Leung Chun Woon Kee (Service Consultant) Company Limited.  He is the 5th generation of the business founder.   He is an expert in Chinese culture and ritualistic practices, feng shui, cemetery and columbarium matters, coffin and accessories supply.   Mr. Leung holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree from the University of Hong Kong and in 2017, he was conferred Honorary fellowship by Hang Seng Management College for his continuous contribution to the Society.    He is also active in social welfare and charitable activities.  He was the vice-chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Honour secretary of Po Leung Former Boards Association, Chairman of HK Girl Guide Kowloon District, Chairman of HK Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils, President of Juvenile Care Centre.

Leung Yin Biu (1936-2015)

Mr. Leung Yin Biu was the youngest son of Mr. Leung Woon Man.  In 1945, he came to Hong Kong with his father from Guangzhou.   He studied in the day time and worked in the shop at his spare time.  He graduated in The University of Hong Kong in 1962 and obtained Bachelor of Arts (Honour) (Upper Second Division).  He joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1968.  He retired in 1995 and joined Leung Chun Woon Kee.  He further re-structured the company into a limited company and served as the managing director.

Team members have many years of experience and provide professional advice to customers.