About Us

“Leung Chun Woon Kee” was founded by the ancestor Leung Chun Wing in the 30th year of Guangxu (1904). He started his business in Qifu Shuijiao, Guangzhou, selling shrouds and burial accessories. It has more than one hundred years of history.

When Leung Woon Man came to Hong Kong in 1938, he continued his ancestral business on Hollywood Road and established Leung Chun Woon Kee which major business was selling shrouds and funeral services.

We provide customer-oriented and dedicated service with caring tradition, rich experience and professional advice to customers. We also provide comprehensive one-stop funeral services, starting from assisting in the death registration, obtaining relevant certificates for different burial rituals, organising the funeral ceremony etc. We have a professional team to assist you in the arrangement.

Scope of Service

We are ready to assist you in handling and organising the funeral ceremony.
These include the purchase of coffin, shrouds, quilts blanket, funeral arrangements and wreath arrangement etc.

Social Responsibility

In addition to holding a professional business attitude,
Leung Chun Woon Kee also fulfills its social responsibilities and gives back to the society
by participating in various charity activities.


Members of our company have participated in various community service
which has been widely reported by the media.



Our major products include Chinese and Western style shrouds, quilt blanket,
throw blanket, pillow set, wreath arrangement, funeral stationery and paper-offering etc.