How to arrange the Body and Probate

After the funeral ceremony, our team can help you to arrange either cremation or burial or other forms of arrangement.   (For example, make appointment for the cremation or arrange transportation of the body to the burial site.)

Funeral Service in Hospital

In recent years, small families do not want to disturb their relatives and friends, therefore they would like to arrange simple funeral ceremony.  They arrange the simple ceremony in the hospital mortuary.  Some hospitals require submission of document for approval to the use the Farewell Hall. Some hospitals will not allow to hold traditional ceremonies using Taoist priests, because it will create a lots of smoke.  Family members are advised to contact the hospital for detail information and reservations.

Arrangement of Probate and Will

Please contact our team for professional advice.


Cremation Site




Temperature of Incinerator and Control

Choose the bigger bone to make further arrangement

Put the bone into the machine and takes 7 working days to collect the ashes