Coffin and Funeral Accessories

Our team provides professional advice on selection of coffins and funeral accessories.

Chinese Coffin

There are many different types of Chinese Coffin.  They can be tailor-made or ready made.   Different provinces have different style of coffin. For example Shanghai style and Shandong style. The coffin can also be made according to the size and quality of the wood.

There are different types of wood and cypress is one of the wood that is very rare nowadays.  It has heavy body and the golden cypress is the most precious one. The second one is red and green cypress. There are many different types and if you would like to know the detail, please contact our professional team.

Chinese Fir is the main supply in the market. The price depends on the tree age, oil content, size, pattern and craftsmanship etc.

However, due to the limitation of the size of the cremation furnace in the crematorium and environmental reason, western coffin is more suitable while Chinese coffins are suitable for burial in graves.

Western Coffin

Western coffins are divided into fully open and semi-open styles. They mainly come from USA, Canada and Italy. The coffins are made of mahogany, cherry, maple and oak. There are other types of wood supplied from Mainland China and Hong Kong, for example teak, oak, mixed wood and plywood. In recent years, paper coffins are also produced in Mainland China and Japan but they are only used for cremation. Solid wood coffins can be used for cremation and burial in graves.

We offer different choices of candle, paper-offering and stationary etc.

Different Stone Urns for different religion

Stone Urn

Stone Urn with Reincarnation Prayers

Stone Urn (Church)

Stone Urn with Name

Stone Urn (Church)

Stone Urn with Buddhist Scriptures