How many shrouds should we prepare ?

Men has to wear at least six pieces of shrouds, including cheong sam, gown, shirt, pant and underwear set.   According to tradition, you can have a set of jacket and made up to a total of eight pieces.   For a full set of cloth for four seasons, a set of filled quilted jacket, shirt and pant are suggested.  Then it will make up to twelve pieces.   For female,  odd numbers are required which is seven pieces or eleven pieces.  For a full set of cloth for four seasons, it will be thirteen pieces.

For people who lives in the North, they have to wear twelve pieces (male) or eleven pieces (female) and they will choose a good quality of filled quilted jacket.   For Chao Zhou person, they have to wear odd numbers of shrouds too.


Do we need a shroud ?

Family normally choose the suitable shroud or suit for the deceased in last respect.    In addition, family may also choose 2 to 3 sets of cloths to put in the coffin for burial.

In Funerary customs, wearing shrouds are believed to give blessing for the living family.   If the deceased died of illness, they should wear long gown and long sleeves just in case the normal shroud is too tight for the body.   The shroud should not have pocket or buttons.

Detail customs are written in Chinese.   Please contact our professional team for more information.

What is 7 collar, 5 waist and 6 collar, 5 waist?

7 collar means that male has to wear 7 pieces of clothes and 5 waist means 5 pieces of pants.

6 collar means that female has to wear 6 pieces of clothes and 5 waist means that 5 pieces of pants or skirt.

Accessories to put in the coffin (Do or Dont’s)

Not suitable to put in the coffin (Burial)

  1. Woolen Wear
  2. Knitwear
  3. Leather Wear
  4. Fur
  5. Family Pictures

Not suitable to put in the coffin (Cremation)

  1. Glassware
  2. Porcelain
  3. Metal products
  4. Deaf machine、Radio
  5. Family Pictures

Clothes and accessories to put in the coffin

  1. Silk Wear
  2. Pajamas for summer and winter with a jacket
  3. Underwear set for summer and winter
  4. Summer and Winter clothes
  5. Female Cheong Sam/ Male Suit with Shirt and Tie
  6. Book, Walking Stick, Paper Mahjong, Playing Cards
  7. If you have religion, you may put a bible, Buddhist beads, Scriptures, Prayer beads
  8. Shoes are not preferred


If you require further information about funeral matters, please refer to the book【祭之以禮】